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Condor Key Cutting Machine KM02 vs. KM03

This is for your information. It’s different between Xhorse  Condor XC-Mini  key cutting machine KM02xx and KM03xx series W hat is the difference between KM02xx and KM03xx series ? The difference is: motherboard, driver board, touch screen and add a fan near...

How to connect Condor mini with laptop via Bluetooth?

Question: i have medium cutting speed, 2 passes on, maybe i should changed. i tried today to use bluetooth with laptop  instacode  and condor xc-mini, but i cannot PAIR the device, i cannot find any bluetooth setting on xhorse condor, how do i connect? no info in user manual....

How to use Condor XC-Mini to cut YA226 House Key?

How-to: use  Xhorse Condor xc-mini  / xc-mini plus   key cuttingn machine and M4 Clamp for house key trace and cut YA226 by universal type menu. New  Xhorse M4 Clamp  is used for housekey. It comes with stopper and 2 size of lifting...
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