Jaguar XJ8 2016 make a key with VVDI Prog and Mart Tool

vvdishop | 29 September, 2019 04:12

Have a JAG ’16 to make a key, the client already purchased the key, smart key.
all we have to do is programming.
Tools to use:
Vvdi Prog + Cheap Mart Tool
Firstly, Vvdi Prog can read data out of it on the bench.
Then generate keys with other tools like Cheap Mart Tool and write data back to the kvm.
Google search ” Mart tool vvdi pro” and you can have the result on how to use Vvdi Prog and Mart Tool to program new key for Range Rover 2015 FK72 KVM All Keys Lost. You can refer to the procedure.
Here is Mart Tool http://www.vvdishop.com/wholesale/mart-tool-key-programmer.html
which can program new keys when all keys lost for Landrover and Jaguar KVM keys with Number FK72 HPLA.



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