Xhorse Universal Smart Key Type and Points List

vvdishop | 09 September, 2019 05:21

Xhorse wired remote = 25 bonus points (Type: XK…)

Xhorse electronic remote = 40 bonus points (Type: XN…)

Xhorse smart remote = 60 bonus points (Type: XS…)

Type XS… remote = 30 bonus points


In details…

Brand ProductID Product name Model Bonus points
XHORSE SA1500-B A6L Black, independent package XKA600EN 25
XHORSE SA1670-1 DS wireless remote XNDS00EN 40
XHORSE SA1671-B Hyundai universal remote,black, independent package XKHY00EN 25
XHORSE SA1673-B1 Ferrari wireless remote,red XKFE00EN 25
XHORSE SA1684-B1 Ferrari wireless remote,white XNFE01EN 40
XHORSE SA1883-1 Xhorse DS Style(Super Remote) XEDS01EN 30
XHORSE SA1884-1 Xhorse Colorful Crystal Style(Smartkey) XSCS00EN 60
XHORSE SA1895-1 XKMQB1EN MQB common remote XKMQB1EN 25
XHORSE SA1896-1 XSMQB1EN MQB smart remote XSMQB1EN 60
XHORSE SA1499-1 B5 remote in black XKB501EN 25
XHORSE SA1499-B B5 remote in black, independent package XKB501EN 25
XHORSE SA1499-D B5 remote, 10 pcs/lot, blue XKB503EN 25
XHORSE SA1499-D2 B5 remote, blue XKB503EN 25
XHORSE SA1499-G B5 remote, 10 pcs/lot, green XKB504EN 25
XHORSE SA1499-L2 B5 remote, orange XKB505EN 25
XHORSE SA1499-R2 B5 remote, red XKB502EN 25
XHORSE SA1500-1 A6L black XKA600EN 25
XHORSE SA1669-1 DS remote, black XKDS00EN 25
XHORSE SA1669-B DS remote, black, independent package XKDS00EN 25
XHORSE SA1670-B DS wireless remote, black, independent package XNDS00EN 40
XHORSE SA1671-1 Hyundai Style Universal Remote Key XKHY00EN 25
XHORSE SA1672-B 786 B5, dedicated remote, black, independent package XKB507EN 25
XHORSE SA1673-1 Ferrari remote XKFE00EN 25
XHORSE SA1674-1 Toyota remote XKTO00EN 25
XHORSE SA1679-1 Honda wireless remote XNHO00EN 40
XHORSE SA1682-1 Toyota electronic remote XNTO00EN 40
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