Xhorse Condor Dolphin vs. SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine

vvdishop | 26 June, 2019 23:50

The answer to the question depends on your needs , forget for now cheap or expensive , and look at what you need it for ;
Before deciding to buy xhorse Dolphin or sec-e9, please ask yourself these questions:
are you looking to cut occasional keys , a lot of keys ?
do you want updates and latest keyways first ?
do you want a machine for now or a machine for many years ?
do you want a machine that holds its value so you get a decent rate when you sell on rather than a worthless bit of kit , decide what you want and what coverage you want reliably then fit the right machine to your needs
HERE is the biggest factor you will want to look at right now
copies most type of key
kukai sec-e9/9z YES
xc-mini/dolphin YES
cuts car keys
kukai sec-e9/9z YES
xc-mini/dolphin YES
cuts house keys by code
kukai sec-e9 YES
xc-mini/dolphin NO cannot…….
can do engraving
kukai sec-e9/9z YES
xc-mini/dolphin NO
work with your phone
kukai sec-e9: No
Xhorse dolphin: YES
Has option for battery
kukai sec- E9/E9z: No
Xhorse dolphin: YES
Dolphin is half price than E9 and do much less than kukai sec- E9
can cut dimple keys (xhorse cant do)
can cut tubular keys (xhorse cant do)
can cut house keys(xhorse cant do)
can cut old GM 6 cut single side key(xhorse cant do)
can cut cabinet key y11 to code (xhorse cant do)
can engrave key with phone/logo whatever(xhorse cant do)
If you make 70 keys for Mercedes with free tokens Dolphin comes free
ok now here is where they get you tho the clamps and extras
High Security Automotive Clamp and BONUS: HU66 Clamp for VW, Audi and Porsche
so you get two clamps
and there are a few more
engraving clamp 300
single sided clamp 200
home dimple clamp 300
tubular key clamp 195
tibbe key clamp 150
mercedes h64 clamp 99
hu162t vw clamp 99
one side toy2 adapter 99
sip22 fca adapter 99
and another 100 in cutters for those
that’s almost another 1700 dollars in extra clamps you would need to get to kit this out
xhorse has the m3 jaw and the m4 jaw.
And more…
xhorse Dolphin test reports:
  1. I have it. Till now cut hu64 keys and a couple of sip22 from fiat, 1 hu66 and work ok
  1. It doesn’t need constant internet connection.
internet is need only to register app and login APp , and download database
then you can be offline
also if you cut one side key , after Dolphin start cutting , you can disconnect tablet / phone and it will finish cut
if you have 2 side key , and you disconnect tablet / phone during key cutting , Dolphin will cut one side , and to start cut another side you need reconnect.
Xhorse Dolphin in stock here:


Xhorse VVDI MB Software Released to 4.9.0

vvdishop | 24 June, 2019 01:21

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool Mercedes Benz key programmer software update to V4.9.0 on June 20th, 2019.


***    Require firmware V4.5.0
**************************************************  **********************
=====    BENZ V4.9.0            =====
1. This update no need update the firmware
2. Add new type for calculate password while all key lost:
a. Support W230 get key password with VVDI MB Power Adapter (All KEY LOST, 20 minutes-1 hour)
b. Support W169 type 2 get key password with VVDI MB Power Adapter (All KEY LOST, 15 minutes)
c. Support W169 type2 get key password with slow method
d.Support W164/W251 2004-2008(NEC chip)get key password withVVDIMB Power Adapter(All KEY LOST, 30 minutes)
3. Support write Mark value to NEC key from IR
4. Support write VIN to HC08/HC12 EIS(Kline)
5. Bugfix


Free Download VVDI MB V4.9.0 Software




How to use VVDI MB to read 2008 w164 eis password?

vvdishop | 20 June, 2019 04:59

I have a 2008 donor w164 eis that I need to be renewed to install in another 08 car
Those 08 can’t be read by vvdiprog. Board isn’t listed.
Can’t use power adapter . Only 09+
So my only hope is to insert IR a million times in eis to get password. But I always get error data acquisition failed 258 after a few inserts. See picture.
Any idea what that means ??
It is possible to do all key lost with that type of EIS.
Easy job for 30 minutes with little reinsert IR plug.  After every error reconnect usb cable and go again.
 Soon will be available automatic method in VVDI MB tool.

Which device will renew MB ECU?

vvdishop | 19 June, 2019 06:32

Aim for Mercedes ECU renew/virgin, mostly on sim271de/ke20, me9.7. 6, and then Mercedes ECU renew tool is recommended.
MB ECU renew tool recommendation:
  1. MBrenew: NO
Doesn’t read W204/212 sim271 ecu. Only certain models will read.
  1. Original avdi:
Does almost everything with ease.
  1. Xhorse VVDI MB
My uncle has vvdi he can do many renewal work. I am not sure which ecu it can but yes even vvdi can do many stuff.
my suggestion to you is if possible to extend your budget then buy vvdi 2, I am sure u will be happy. for token point, yes it has a token system but there is an unlimited token option tooIt can do many brands, make keys, renew keys and many more options.
And here VVDI MB “Renew ECU/Gearbox” option
Some models will read, try and you will know.
  1. j2534 passthru with mb service:
A j2534 passthru and pay for mb service https://www.startekinfo.com/StarTek/
  1. Need Simplediag interface hw + SD03 function to read service hash…and make units renew with Erase pass https://simplediag.ru/simplediag/ … and also need
    100% calculation success from sonder -> dealer password for renew
  2. Extreme MB tools – https://simplediag.ru/embt/ to calculate from Service hash -> calculate Erase pass
  3. CGDI MB can renew TCU ECU ISM DSM ESM as well
To be continued…
Have fun.

VVDI MB, Simon Tools and Abrites Comparison

vvdishop | 17 June, 2019 05:17

Purpose: need a good tool for Mercedes-Benz to work and repair, like do keys, repair EZS, ELV, program VIN on modules, and all that stuff..
Tools advised:
Simon Tools MB Clinic
Abrites AVDI
Vote abrites & Simon touch ESL doctor
I will advise purchasing the Mercedes functions for abrites with protag and Simon touch ESL doctor for enabled ESL NEC MCU and nothing more. Avdi cannot enable NEC ESL blocked that’s why you need ESL doctor.
Simon touch will erase china keys but you need to mod the ir reader cut a track and supply external  power to the pcb.
1) me abritus is one piece of sheet tool. I use this tool more then 10 years   every day this tool is more and more bad. support is useless and license is so expensive and they don’t work like should work.
now I’m using vvdi is 100 times better tool and support is good. price can’t compare.
2) Enabling ESL that doesn’t exist on AVDI i use it on MB tool, brief I use MB tool to program Simon touch emultors and ESL or to enable also I do a lot of keys and get the password from key, also i work on AVDI to extract password from EIS.
3) Repair ELV NEC make keys have function RENEW and WORK 100% testing.
Those who have AVDI, VVDI MB, SimonTouch:
AVDI is very good support and really everything works from the stated, very good product.
AVDI perfect tool but price is….not real price expensive tool for pass mercedes need you 20 min to 1h wotk but very slow
VVDI MB is also not a bad product, I never had issue with their support . The only negative is the use of tokens.
SimonTouch is very poorly supported, many problems arise in the work and many functions do not work because the MB clinic is still only an advertisement, they don’t sell it yet, a very raw product.
Hope it helps you decide which are suitable for you.

VVDI MB "already combined by other customer? Error Solution

vvdishop | 14 June, 2019 06:40

Problem: cannot access to my account vvdi mb tool.
when I log in my account vvdi mb tool , it  is my vvdi2 account that appears.
and I have this message “already combined by other customer“, look at the picture.
Finally, solved!
I had contacted vvdishop.com. I had 2 accounts number phone one under 07xxxxxxxx and another under 7xxxxxxxx
then warning when you register your number phone with and without 0
The only solution is to unbind the interface under another phone number.
I hope you will help you too.
thanks for all.

VVDI PROG: Pinout to Nissan qashqai 98820 4EHOC infineon XC2336B-40

vvdishop | 13 June, 2019 07:48

Anyone with Xhorse VVDI Prog Pinout to Nissan qashqai 98820 4EHOC infineon XC2336B-40. Connected per instructions but keep getting Read Error.
could someone possibly help me where I am wrong.


Lift pin 38,39,40

Xhorse VVDI super chip vs TK5561 chip

vvdishop | 11 June, 2019 05:13

Question: It’s a pity if VVDI key tool can’t write on TK5561. They are still available here and there…
1) TK5561 cost $30 for 1.
VVDI super chip $26.99 for 10.
Not a huge problem if it doesn’t write to TK5561.
if you have some TK5561 already in stock waiting for some clients then it is a problem because instead of Keytool you have to use other tools to write them.
Well of course you probably will have those tools already in this case but still would be good if Keytool was able to support the original chips which are still available.
VVDI Super chip XT27A66:
A whole new Possibilities under your disposal by Xhorse
Supports Chip Types as Listed below:
7935 (33 40 41 42 43 44)
7936 (46)
7938 (47)
7939 (49)
4D (60 63 70 80 83 72G 67 69)
4E (64)
Order here:
VVDI Super chip XT27A66 images:



How to fix VVDI2 when not connected with OBD2?

vvdishop | 10 June, 2019 07:27

Here’s the customer solution to Xhorse VVDI2  not connected by OBD2 problem.
You are at your risk.
Today my VVDI2 is no longer connected by OBD2, it has been short to negative.
This component was burned (make smoke), I took it and at least UDS protocol is working, I did not test in Kline.
Can you tell me which component to send and replace on the board?


DIY Solution:
A2SHB component should be replaced.
A2SHB Datasheet – Vds=20V, N-Channel MOSFET
Part Number : A2SHB
Function : N-Channel 1.25-W, 2.5-V MOSFET
Package : SOT23 Type
Manufacturers : Vishay, NXP
Image :
N-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistor in a plastic package.
1. Very fast switching
2. Logic level compatible
3. Subminiature surface mount package.
1. Battery management
2. High speed switch
3. Low power DC to DC converter.
If you have any problem of Xhorse tools, please contact us at any time.

Xhorse App: Share License between VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool

vvdishop | 06 June, 2019 04:08

In previous post, we have discussed how to share ID48 96 Bit copy between VVDI2 and VVDI Key Toolin old VVDI Key Tool App. How about the new Xhorse App?
Here’s the tips:
1). Customer need to log in the APP and combine VVDI2 and VVDI key tool (check how to combine devices?).
in that account what customer use to login
3).  Enter the account to share the authorization of ID48 copy from vvdi 2 to vvdi keytool , as
Go to Account->Customer Self-Service 

Select Share Authorization 
Note: Product bonus points under the same account can be shared without transfer (except VVDI MB tool)
Each vvdi 2 only can share with one vvdi keytool, and both device need to be combined in same account.

Xhorse mini key tool frimware released to V1.1.1

vvdishop | 04 June, 2019 00:23

Xhorse App update to V1.5.1 and vvdi mini key tool remote maker firmware update to V1.1.1 on June 3rd, 2019.
Update Feature:
-Support copy vvdi super chip
-Add French language
-UI Improvement
How to Update VVDI mini key tool firmware to v1.1.1?
Connect mini keytool with mobile phone via Bluetooth
Open Xhorse app and check new update
Press firmware update
Update firmware in progress

Firmware update success
Reset vvdi mini keytool
Firmware update to v1.1.1 success.

Which tool to Program VW Golf 7 MQB key?

vvdishop | 03 June, 2019 05:55

Confirmed: There is no tool on the market that can do MQB platform all key lost …..yet
only dealer + dealer key order
Works with working key only.
  1. Since VVDI2 V6.1.0 Update:
Improvement for MQB prepare dealer key.
Support change MQB key ID (support GEKO online), require use VVDI proximity remote.
VW MQB add new type: Dashboard version 0555, 0556.
Support generate MQB proximity remote: require use VVDI proximity remote and download latest remote database.
How-to’s of
  1. How to program Skoda Octavia 2015 MQB keyless go with VVDI2
  1. How to program Seat Leon MQB remote key with VVDI2 VAG?
  1. How to use VVDI2 to program new keys to VW MQB NEC35XX?
Source: http://www.vvdishop.com/
  1. Abrites diagnostics for VAG: Works with working key only.
Key programming for vehicles based on the MQB platform from 2012 onwards. The VN009 special function will allow you to program keys to those vehicles if you have a working key. You can use new keys and keys previously programmed to the particular vehicle.
Supported models:
Audi A3/S3 2014+
Audi A3 8V (2012-2014)
Audi Q2
Seat LEON 07.2014+
Seat LEON 3 5F (2012-2014)
Skoda RAPID 06.2015+
Skoda OCTAVIA 3 5E (2012-2014)
Skoda FABIA/OCTAVIA III 07.2014+
Volkswagen Crafter 2017+
Volkswagen Golf VII (2012-2014)
Volkswagen Golf 7/Polo/Tiguan II/Touran II 07.2014+
Volkswagen Passat B8
Please note: Vehicles with JCI clusters and virtual cockpits are not supported at the moment.
This special function requires an Abrites PROTAG Programmer, internet connection and an active AMS.
A new AVDI Interface or active AMS is required to purchase this special function.
Source: abrites.com
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