MB FBS3 BGA KeylessGo Smart Key Using Tips

vvdishop | 12 July, 2019 01:54

To program new keys on Mercedes Benz smart key (FBS3) after 2009 year (W221,W216,W164,W251) when all keys lost. The best solution is to have one VVDI MB + one MB FBS3 KeylessGo smart key(433MHZ frequency so far).
Note: C & E class 2010 – 2014 year not work yet.
Image 1: MB FBS3 KeylessGo key
Price: $179
For Mercedes w221 w216 w164 w251 after year 2009 (incl. S/ML/GL/R series)
Connection by USB for data read and write
Write by IR (infrared wireless) – NOT reusable
type 51 data file – required!
Battery: required! (does not come with the key)
Frequency: 433MHZ
Reusable: No. only once.
Benefit: can be programmed as normal key
Vehicle coverage:
Mercedes with FBS3 after year 2009:
Series W221 W216: YES!
ML/G/R sries W164 W251: YES!
2010-2014 C & E series: NO!
As long as you can read the Ignition Switch’s data and collect the correct password, the key can match the same function as the OEM keyless go.
S-W221 (2010-2013)
GL-W164 (2010-2012)
ML-W164 (2010-2012)
R-W251 (2010-2017)
Next is how to use MB FBS3 Keyless Go key?
MB FBS3 BGA KeylessGo key allows the user to write into the data via the USB cable and via the IR (the 51 type data file must be loaded and the battery must be installed).
Just provide the seller with 051 key data that is calculated and wait until they complete writing the smart key.
The reason why you choose MB FBS3 KeylessGo key 433MHZ:
  1. Mercedes Benz BGA smart key / only support FBS3.
    2.After matching with this key, there is the same keyless entry function as the original key.
    3.When you open the door, no need to press the remote control, press the button of the door handle to unlock.
    4.When the door is closed, the key can be closed without pressing the key, just pres door handle button is OK.
    5.There is no need to deactivate the one-button start button, no need to insert the key into the lock, and one button is activated at the touch of a button.


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