How to use Xhorse Universal Proximity Key?

vvdishop | 09 July, 2019 05:23

Xhorse Universal Smart (Proximity) Key FAQs: frequency, car models, cost, what programmer to use with, how to disassemble Xhorse Universal smart Key, install battery and install the smart key etc.
Basic info:
Brand: Xhorse
Frequency: 315mhz 433mhz et are OK, no limited.
Number of buttons: 3
Car models: mainstream brand smart card keys, one key replace many types of smart keys i.e. Honda, Buick, Ford, Cadillac, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet proximity keys.
What programmer can use for this universal keys:
VVDI2: confirmed
VVDI MINI Key Tool: confirmed
VVDI Key Tool: confirmed
Note: Does not work with non xhorse programmers
We can generate with key tool or mini only. But to program into the car using only vvdi2. If vvdi2 does not support the car, it should have made possible to be programmed into the car using any programmers like, lonsdor, x300dp, autek ikey, etc.
Read: VVDI Key Tool Program Smart Key on Hyundai i30.
Content: disassemble Xhorse Universal Proximity Key, install battery and then install the smart key, finally use VVDI key tool to program Hyundai i30 smart key successfully.
Xhorse Universal Smart (Proximity) Key model list:
Install the latest Vvdi key tool update and look in prox remote generation. All remote that shows up are doable.
Update: Xhorse Engineers are testing abroad, Universal Smart (Proximity) Key is already tested
working perfectly on more car models, just wait them back to update.



-Buick Excelle,Regal,Enclave, new Regal,Lacrosse,GL8,Encore
-Chevrolet Cruze, Aveo
-Cadillac CTS, SRX,XTS
-Kia K5,Sportage, K2,Forte,Soul
-Hyundai IX35, Sonata 8, SONATA NFC,Elantra
-Nissan Tiida, Sunny,Sylphy,Bluebird, Teana,Patrol
-Ford Escape, Mondeo, EcoSport
-BYD F0,S6, G3, L3,G5,G6, F3,Sirui, Song, Qin, Tang, Yuan
-Geely Emgrand EC7, Emgrand GS, Boyue, Borui, Yuanjing S1, Yuanjing X6, Emgrand EC8
-Trumpchi GS3, GS4, GS5
-BAOJUN 510, 560
-Qoros 3, Qoros 5
-GreatWall  Haval H2, H6, H7, H8, H9, H2S
-Landwind X5, X7
-Hanteng X7
-ZOTYE T600, X5, T700, SR7, SR9
-MAXUS V80, G10, T60, D90
-BAIC: Senova D50, X25, X65, D60, D70 X55 BJ20, WEIWANG M50F, WEIWANG M60
-Zhonghua H530, V3
-Cheetah CS10
-Roewe RX5, eRX5
-SouthEast DX3, DX7
First in the world Keyless go remote universal working for many cars models
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