VVDI MB, Simon Tools and Abrites Comparison

vvdishop | 17 June, 2019 05:17

Purpose: need a good tool for Mercedes-Benz to work and repair, like do keys, repair EZS, ELV, program VIN on modules, and all that stuff..
Tools advised:
Simon Tools MB Clinic
Abrites AVDI
Vote abrites & Simon touch ESL doctor
I will advise purchasing the Mercedes functions for abrites with protag and Simon touch ESL doctor for enabled ESL NEC MCU and nothing more. Avdi cannot enable NEC ESL blocked that’s why you need ESL doctor.
Simon touch will erase china keys but you need to mod the ir reader cut a track and supply external  power to the pcb.
1) me abritus is one piece of sheet tool. I use this tool more then 10 years   every day this tool is more and more bad. support is useless and license is so expensive and they don’t work like should work.
now I’m using vvdi is 100 times better tool and support is good. price can’t compare.
2) Enabling ESL that doesn’t exist on AVDI i use it on MB tool, brief I use MB tool to program Simon touch emultors and ESL or to enable also I do a lot of keys and get the password from key, also i work on AVDI to extract password from EIS.
3) Repair ELV NEC make keys have function RENEW and WORK 100% testing.
Those who have AVDI, VVDI MB, SimonTouch:
AVDI is very good support and really everything works from the stated, very good product.
AVDI perfect tool but price is….not real price expensive tool for pass mercedes need you 20 min to 1h wotk but very slow
VVDI MB is also not a bad product, I never had issue with their support . The only negative is the use of tokens.
SimonTouch is very poorly supported, many problems arise in the work and many functions do not work because the MB clinic is still only an advertisement, they don’t sell it yet, a very raw product.
Hope it helps you decide which are suitable for you.


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