Benz Key Programmer AVDI or VVDI MB?

vvdishop | 25 December, 2018 22:42

I want to start programming MB keys in my little buisness and i want to know witch investment is better AVDI ABRITES Commander or VVDI MB BGA Tool?

Here are real working experience of AVDI/VVDI users.

simple compare price Xhorse update to Abritus update
Some people say Abritus no need pay for online tokens, but you pay a year subscription which cost more then Xhorse 1 year unlimited calculation

for benz Cars i think best choice is VVDI MB VVDI PROG and VVDI PROG EZS adapters this is all of you need

AVDI is good tool but you need sooo sooo much to pay, im have VVDI and maybe 3 year im working with this .. no any error any problem  
I say go and buy VVDI MB + VVDI Prog

vvdi mb is best tool for money . for me its the best tool because i am not doing benz everyday so couldnt pay a abrites for that
the difference of what abrites can do more than vvdi mb is not worthing all that money to pay
2 of my freinds to bought vvdi mb and they are all happy and never complaine about anything and we all make benefits from jobs and payed the tool verry fast
xhorse is killing abrites and its good for beginners like me
abrites only thinks about money

I have both and to be honest I will use AVDI to calculate the PW on new Merc and then use VVDI to calculate the keys.
VVDI gives you the option to calculate all 8 keys and then sends you the file files for all 8, in any format you want.
AVDI only gives you the option of calculating 1 key and writing it directly to the key, not keeping the file.
Pay your $300 a year for unlimited calculations with xhorse and I believe your on a winner.

I'm also disappointed with avdi.
A couple days ago I have 09 AMG C63 W204, and I couldn't
extract password,I was trying in the car and on the bench for two days and nothing. i was pisst, so I call up my friend he has VVDI,
I was suprise, in 5min the vvdi extract the paswword
so I ask myself, what I'm paying avdi for? I thought i have some reliable tools..I was wrong, and wasn't even complicate car.The money I'm paid for the avidi is not wart it,spatially the tools let me down couple of time,I think that now that chinese making bether.... bether tools and cheap and even more reliable.
So I think, if you come to programming the key for MB ,VVDI MB is the good choise

My choice was the Abrites, because it is dearer for me, but if I will meet a Benz what can't be done with it, I'll buy VVDI too. As a good friend of mine said: 'Every cent what the concurrence earns weakens your position'
So I think its ok if nobody can do the car, but it is unacceptable when just my toys aren't good enough.


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