Free Download V5.0.1 VVDI MB Tool Software

vvdishop | 10 September, 2019 05:57

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool released to V5.0.1 on Sep. 9th, 2019.  This new version adds FBS4 disable key function.
VVDI MB Software V5.0.0/5.0.1
1. Password calculation: Improvement for W169 password calculation while all key lost
2. Password calculation: Improvement for the all key lost diagram
3. Password calculation: Improvement for the online calculation interface
4. Add FBS4 disable key function (Special function->FBS4 disable key)- Support W166/W205/W213/W218/W222/W246 type
5. Bugfix
Update via Upgrade Kit App
Free Download VVDI MB software V5.0.1
Note:  vvdi mb v5.0.0 has bugs. Xhorse fixed it already, New version came out 5.0.1, Tested and this version works.

Xhorse Universal Smart Key Type and Points List

vvdishop | 09 September, 2019 05:21

Xhorse wired remote = 25 bonus points (Type: XK…)

Xhorse electronic remote = 40 bonus points (Type: XN…)

Xhorse smart remote = 60 bonus points (Type: XS…)

Type XS… remote = 30 bonus points


In details…

Brand ProductID Product name Model Bonus points
XHORSE SA1500-B A6L Black, independent package XKA600EN 25
XHORSE SA1670-1 DS wireless remote XNDS00EN 40
XHORSE SA1671-B Hyundai universal remote,black, independent package XKHY00EN 25
XHORSE SA1673-B1 Ferrari wireless remote,red XKFE00EN 25
XHORSE SA1684-B1 Ferrari wireless remote,white XNFE01EN 40
XHORSE SA1883-1 Xhorse DS Style(Super Remote) XEDS01EN 30
XHORSE SA1884-1 Xhorse Colorful Crystal Style(Smartkey) XSCS00EN 60
XHORSE SA1895-1 XKMQB1EN MQB common remote XKMQB1EN 25
XHORSE SA1896-1 XSMQB1EN MQB smart remote XSMQB1EN 60
XHORSE SA1499-1 B5 remote in black XKB501EN 25
XHORSE SA1499-B B5 remote in black, independent package XKB501EN 25
XHORSE SA1499-D B5 remote, 10 pcs/lot, blue XKB503EN 25
XHORSE SA1499-D2 B5 remote, blue XKB503EN 25
XHORSE SA1499-G B5 remote, 10 pcs/lot, green XKB504EN 25
XHORSE SA1499-L2 B5 remote, orange XKB505EN 25
XHORSE SA1499-R2 B5 remote, red XKB502EN 25
XHORSE SA1500-1 A6L black XKA600EN 25
XHORSE SA1669-1 DS remote, black XKDS00EN 25
XHORSE SA1669-B DS remote, black, independent package XKDS00EN 25
XHORSE SA1670-B DS wireless remote, black, independent package XNDS00EN 40
XHORSE SA1671-1 Hyundai Style Universal Remote Key XKHY00EN 25
XHORSE SA1672-B 786 B5, dedicated remote, black, independent package XKB507EN 25
XHORSE SA1673-1 Ferrari remote XKFE00EN 25
XHORSE SA1674-1 Toyota remote XKTO00EN 25
XHORSE SA1679-1 Honda wireless remote XNHO00EN 40
XHORSE SA1682-1 Toyota electronic remote XNTO00EN 40
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Xhorse send Free 96bit copy 48 function till Oct. 1st

vvdishop | 07 September, 2019 06:51

Xhorse rolls out Mid-autumn festival celebration promotion- Free 96 bit copy 48 function.
Offer requirement:
1) Download Xhorse App
2) Register your login account
3) Combine your VVDI Key Tool, VVDI2 or VVDI MINI Key Tool to your account before 1st October
96bit copy 48 function will be activated automatically on October 1st, 2019.
Promotion expires on 1st October, 2019.
You can check related to Combine the key tool to your account here:

VAG VDO NEC 2009+ -UDS Prepare Dealer Key by VVDI2

vvdishop | 05 September, 2019 04:20

Vehicle: VW Audi Seat Skoda with VDO NEC 2009+ -UDS
Purpose: All keys successfully Learned.
Tools to use:
FIGO Simulator (flamingosimulador.com)
There’s special procedure for prepare dealer key: Menu -> Key Learn. Choose specific type for 4th immobilizer system.
Lost all key-OBD prepare key:
This function will read PIN/CS from ECU (or input PIN/CS) and prepare dealer key. The dealer key can learn to car .
After run this function, it changed 6 bytes of all 12 bytes CS in immobilizer system, so the old key can’t be used anymore, and don’t accept any key come from dealer.
Support make OEM dealer key. The OEM key can do online operation. Need special transponder.



VVDI2 Program BMW CAS4 key by OBD Cable

vvdishop | 04 September, 2019 01:33

Here’s demo tutorial on reading & programming a new BMW CAS4/CAS4+ key with Xhorse VVDI2 by OBD cable step-by-step. Similar procedure goes to CAS4/CAS4+ all keys lost as well (require ISN code).
Model example: BMW 730LD
Requires latest version VVDI2 software (6.6.1 or above)
Launch VVDI2 software, go to BMW function
Connect VVDI2 key programmer with vehicle via OBD cable
Press Connect 
Select Key Learn->CAS Key Learn function
Select Car Type: CAS4/CAS4+- F-Series and Get Key Info
Read vehicle information. Follow instructions on the bottom
Prepare dealer key and reset KM require unlock CAS4.
Select Unlock CAS4/CAS4+ function
It takes about 10 minutes. You must provide extra power to car before programming.
(If all keys lost, press brake and open lights to activate communication. )
Unlocking CAS4 in process
CAS4/CAS4+ unlock complete. Now we can make dealer key via OBDII.
Select a unused key position and press Prepare dealer key with programmer.
Here we choose Have a working key.  Switch ON ignition with working key and continue. Press Next.
If lost all keys, select Known ISN (need to read ISN code first)
Insert working to ignition switch and press OK
Save security key information
Insert original key to VVDI2 programmer and press OK
Put a new key into VVDI2
Write key success.
Test the new key. No need to write back eeprom.
The new key can start vehicle.

Remote control works as well.

Xhorse VVDI Prog V4.8.6 Software adds BMW ECU Reading

vvdishop | 03 September, 2019 04:37

Xhorse VVDI PROG programmer released new software version 4.8.6.
v4.8.6              (2019-9-02)
* This version DON’t need update
version in Doc folder
+ Add ME17.5.22(TC1724)(ADAPTER),
options in
+ Add ME17.5.22(ADAPTER),
MED17_5_25(ADAPTER) options in


Free Download Xhorse VVDI2 6.6.5 Software

vvdishop | 30 August, 2019 00:45

Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer software update to V6.6.5 on Aug. 29th, 2019.

*** 2019-08-29
*** Require firmware V6.6.5
===== VAG V6.6.5 =====
1. Improvement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system
2. Bugfix
===== BMW V6.6.5 =====
1. Improvement for CAS4/CAS4+ via OBDII
1). Support unlock CAS4 directly, no need update CAS4 flash
2). Improvement for key learning
2. Bugfix
===== Porsche V6.6.5 =====
1. Bugfix
===== PSA V6.6.5 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Transponder Programmer V6.6.5 =====
1. Bugfix for generate and copy Toyota H chip with VVDI super chip
2. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->Nissan->Note 2004 95080 bugfix
3. Bugfix
===== Copy 48 (96 bits) V6.6.5 =====
1. Bugfix
===== J2534 V6.6.5 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Online Update Tool V6.6.5 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Quick Start V6.6.5 =====
1. Bugfix
Free Download VVDI2 6.6.5 Software 

VVDI2 BMW error on the CID and a A0AA CAS Solution

vvdishop | 29 August, 2019 04:47

When using Xhorse VVDI2 to program a key for a CAS3++ (CAS3+ encrypted version) I get a fault in the CAS module every time. Other CAS modules like CAS3 and CAS3+ ISTAP version work fine without faults.
It gives an error on the CID and a A0AA CAS: Control Unit fault in ISTA.
The programmed key starts the car just fine but every time you start it with the new key it gives a fault.
It’s in Dutch on the picture but it says something like “Engine starting malfunction! Close and reopen the driver’s door. Remove key fob and insert it again in the slot.
The error on the CID goes away if you delete the fault memory with ISTA however the A0AA fault still remains in fault memory. The car operates just fine with this fault stored.
I didn’t make downgrade flash. VVDI2 BMW doesn’t need downgrade for cas3++ only for the ISTAP version. Downgrade for ISTAP versions gives no error.
You can restore cas to backup state or reflash it with Kfp is the fastest way.
Finally, Just flash it with Winkfp and problem solved.
standard ICOM or a good k-dcan will work and everything will be fine, just keep in mind stable charger is important.

BMW E F series Key Renewing Guide with VVDI Key Tool

vvdishop | 28 August, 2019 06:36

VVDI key tool renewed an E F series key. It can start car but it lost frequency, how to solve? I think it now explains why my renewed keys have no remote lock unlock!!
How-to’s of renewing E F series key:
I try and pcf adapter and in circuit.
The adapter does not detect my chip in the adapter and erases and uploads the eeprom and erom in the circuit but there is no frequency all the time.
My adapter has a 0 ohm resistor.
I do everything through the MCU option as they recommend because the option REMOTE-> BMW-> F series receives a message that the file is of a different size than the memory.
I did through files for HUF and Continental.
I write with VVDI prog and my PCF is 7953.
You must write first Erom and next eeprom.
And this solution not change frequency.
You need to upload files only with which the key was originally.

Remote & Transponder Programming by VVDI Key Tool

vvdishop | 27 August, 2019 07:51

Topic: Give advice on the best tool for Remote & Transponder programming VVDI Key Tool or VVDI Mini Key Tool.

looking for most Asian Japanese Car remote key and transponder.


Give advice:

all depends on what you want to do :

VVDI key tool needs activation of id48 copy separately and costs extra but vvdi mini key tool comes with id48 copy activated
  BUT it doesn’t have all the other functions like remote renew and program etc like normal keytool does .


Mini key tool is cheaper option if you mainly want to clone id48 transponder Audi vw seat etc if you want more functions then normal keytool is better.


For most Asian Japanese Car remote key and transponder, VVDI Keytool is a best tool; mini key tool doesn’t do remote, but normal keytool can do renew program etc but not all models are supported yet.


Hope this helps.



Delphi MT86 (3500) Gearbox Wiring Pinout to VVDIProg

vvdishop | 26 August, 2019 05:38

Delphi MT86 (3500) Gearbox
Hyundai – Kia
-Read and write ok by ECU reflash cable
-Pinout some as VVDI-Prog manual
-Other operation some as picture
The power should be disconnect and connect before each operation.
Here comes one problem:
i am trying to clone mt86 with 2 infineon inside , i tried to read with vvdi prog the old ecu it says chip not connected i did exactly as the help in vvdiprog. The old ecu have only 3 coils working i don’t know what component is for the coils so i decided clone on other one.
car start with old ecu , and also i tried to read with combiloader it read flash normally i copied on donor ecu but car didnt start so i want to copy whole flash and eeprom with vvdi prog but always chip not connected.
In the Delphi MT86 you have 2 Tricore _ TC1766 ( Motor + Gearbox )
To read TC1766 motor you should use this method :
Raise PIN 122 (PIN 122 should be lift).
Good luck.

Xhorse Dolphin XP005 cutter and probe installation

vvdishop | 23 August, 2019 05:45

Install cutter and probe on Xhorse Dolphin XP005:
Installation steps:
  • Put the cutter into the cutter mounting hole and push the cutter to the limit. Then drop the cutter 2-5mm down.  When the screw is perpendicular to the notched part of the side of the milling cutter, the locking screw and the fixed milling cutter.
  • 2) Push the probe into the probe mounting hole and the tip of probe need to be higher than the tip of cutter .Turn the ‘probe locking screw’ clockwise until the probe is locked.
Uninstallation steps:
1) Unscrew the locks for cutter and probe counter-clockwise until they are loosened off.
2) Take the cutter or probe off when it is loose.

VVDI2 Program BMW 535 GT 2010 All Keys Lost via OBD

vvdishop | 22 August, 2019 01:17

Test vvdi2 new software 6.6.1 on BMW CAS4 OBD programming:
Tested: BMW CAS4 by obd works fine using Xhorse VVDI2. Takes about 10-15min to unlock it. Than key programming with ignition.
BMW 520 F10 2016
Always connected battery when working on BMW.






Credit to whom shared this information.

Xhorse Crystal Remote Smart Key Vehicle List

vvdishop | 21 August, 2019 04:57

Here comes the vehicle list of xhorse crystal universal smart remote key.
Style: Colorful Crystal
Color: black
Button: 4 Buttons
Weight: 46g
Transponer: Yes; smart key with proximity function
Battery:  No
Battery Model: CR2032
Compatible device: VVDI2, VVDI key tool, VVDI mini key tool
Note: The remote does not come with battery included. You will need to have the CR2032 battery installed.
Remote look:


Check back for a list of supported vehicles.
Acura ILX 2016-2018 KR5V1X 0561 555 ID47
Acura ILX 2019+ KR5V21 0505 746 ID47
Acura MDX 2014-2018 KR5V1X 0561 555 ID47
Acura RDX 2016-2018 KR5V1X 0561 555 ID47
Acura RLX 2016-2018 KR5V1X 0561 555 ID47
Acura TL 2009-2014 M3N5WY8145 0563 347 ID46
Acura TLX 2015-2017 KR5V1X 0561 555 ID47
Acura TLX 2018-202 KR5V21 0505 746 ID47
Buick Allure 2010-2012 KR55WK50073 0559 773 ID46
Buick Enclave 2018-2019 HYQ4EA 0515 987 ID46
Buick Encore 2014-2017 KR55WK50073 0559 773 ID46
Buick Encore 2017-2019 HYQ4AA 0514 707 ID46
Buick Envision 2016-2018 HYQ4AA 0514 707 ID46
Buick LaCrosse 2018-2019 HYQ4EA 0515 987 ID46
Buick LaCrosse 2010-2016 KR55WK50073 0559 773 ID46
Buick Regal 2011-2017 KR55WK50073 0559 773 ID46
Buick Verano 2012-2017 KR55WK50073 0559 773 ID46
Cadillac ATS 2015-2019 HYQ2AB 0515 731 ID46
Cadillac ATS 2013-2014 NBG009768T 0538 781 ID46
Cadillac CTS 2008-2015 M3N5WY7777A 0512 915 ID46
Cadillac CTS 2014-2019 HYQ2AB 0515 731 ID46
Cadillac SRX 2015-2019 HYQ2AB 0515 731 ID46
Cadillac SRX 2010-2014 NBG009768T 0538 781 ID46
Cadillac STS 2005-2007 M3N65981403 0564 115 ID46
Cadillac STS 2008-2011 M3N5WY7777A 0512 915 ID46
Cadillac XLR 2004-2007 M3N65981403 0564 115 ID46
Cadillac XLR 2008-2009 M3N5WY7777A 0512 915 ID46
Cadillac XT4 2019 HYQ2EB 0515 475 ID46
Cadillac XT5 2017-2019 HYQ2EB 0515 475 ID46
Cadillac XTS 2015-2019 HYQ2AB 0515 731 ID46
Cadillac XTS 2013-2014 NBG009768T 0538 781 ID46
Chrysler 300C M3N-40821302 0527 762 ID46
Chevrolet Camaro 2016-2019 HYQ4EA 0514 451 ID46
Chevrolet Camaro 2010-2019 KR55WK50073 0559 773 ID46
Chevrolet Corvette 2005-2007 M3N65981403 0564 115 ID46
Chevrolet Cruze 2011-2019 KR55WK50073 0559 773 ID46
Chevrolet Cruze 2016-2019 HYQ4EA 0514 451 ID46
Chevrolet Impala 2019 KR55WK50073 0559 773 ID46
Chevrolet Malibu 2013-2019 KR55WK50073 0559 773 ID46
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2500 2019-2020 HYQ1EA 0564 371 ID46
Chevrolet Sonic 2012-2019 KR55WK50073 0559 773 ID46
Chevrolet Traverse 2018-2019 HYQ4EA 0514 451 ID46
Chevrolet Volt 2017-2019 HYQ4EA 0514 451 ID46
Dodge Challenger 2015-2019 M3N-40821302 0527 762 ID46
Dodge Charger 2015-2019 M3N-40821302 0527 762 ID46
Dodge Durango 2014-2019 M3N-40821302 0527 762 ID46
Dodge Journey 2011-2019 M3N-40821302 0527 762 ID46
Ford C-Max 2013-2018 M3N5WY8609 0514 195 ID46
Ford C-Max 2010-2015 KR55WK48801 0553 117 ID63
Ford Edge 2011-2015 M3N5WY8609 0514 195 ID46
Ford Escape 2013-2016 M3N5WY8609 0514 195 ID46
Ford Expedition 2015-2017 M3N5WY8609 0514 195 ID46
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How to generate vvdi super remote by vvdi key tool?

vvdishop | 20 August, 2019 03:52

Here is the procedure to use Xhorse vvdi super remote.
VVDI super remote generation:
step 1: remote generation
step 2: transponder generation
step 3: programming or cloning transponder
Note: If the procedures out of sequence like if you do transponder generation cloning transponder – remote generation, then the transponder data will be erased.
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